You Have the Power to Impact a Child's Life

Who We Are

Poisera Nutrition is a nutrition and lifestyle enterprise that promotes healthy nutrition and helps adults as well as children become healthier versions of themselves using diet, nutrition, and lifestyle modification.

In 2019, Waste For Meals programme was initiated by Poisera Nutrition to adopt an integrated approach to tackling hunger and malnutrition among children, improving child education, and achieving a cleaner environment.

Waste For Meals provides low-cost nutritious meals for children in schools and in their communities while allowing the use of recyclable wastes such as plastics bottles, cans, and paper as currency.


One day, when every Nigerian child, irrespective of their backgrounds, will have access to nutritious meals that will boost their nutritional status and improve their health and education.


To feed one million children in Nigeria everyday by 2024.

COVID-19 Relief

Waste For Meals team, worked along with a school partner, volunteers and donors, to provide weekly food support for children in Agbotikuyo community of Agege during COVID-19 lockdown.

Due to limited resources, five hundred and seventy-nine free meals were distributed to our beneficiaries altogether for a period of one month.

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