Waste For Meals Initiative

We cannot continue to watch as malnutrition robs children of their future.

Changing Lives Through
Waste For Meals

Help a child become less food insecure. Donate your plastic, cans, and paper waste to us today! Yes! You can help us put a stop to hunger and child malnutrition. 

Donate your recyclable waste to help us achieve this? For as little as N100 or 100 plastic bottles, you can help a child access a plate of a nutritious meal.

The Challenge

Nigeria has the second highest burden of stunted children in the world with a national prevalence rate of 32% of children under-five.

Stunting, in addition to an increased risk of death, is also linked to poor cognitive development, a lowered performance in education and low productivity in adulthood.

The question is, “How can children who are hungry and malnourished grow healthy, learn well, and live productive lives?”

Our Solution

We provide low-cost nutritious meals for children to boost nutritional status, health and learning outcomes, and to achieve a cleaner environment. 

➨ Fresh food sourced from local farmers.

 Food is prepared in a central kitchen food hygiene and safety measures in place.

 Nutritious low-cost meals delivered to children while creating alternative payment methods using recyclable waste (plastic, cans, and paper).

Feeding Programs

➨ Waste For Meal Community-based Feeding

➨ Waste For Meal School-based Feeding